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Our thoughts on Safeco Insurance in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado:

As an independent insurance agency, we work with Safeco insurance on a regular basis, in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado.  We get firsthand experience just how Safeco handles claims, response time to issues, overall customer service, agency support etc.  The opportunity we have as an agency to work with Safeco on such a regular basis gives us the unique position of knowing the pros and cons of working with Safeco insurance in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado. I will attempt to give my best advice on the type of company I believe Safeco to be, who they work best for and they might not be a best fit for.  Keep in mind much of what I’ve written in, is my own opinion of Safeco insurance.  An opinion I’ve developed over the years of doing business with them daily.  I will also include citations from sources such as J.D Power and AM Best.

  1. Attitude

In my opinion, the attitude of a company reflects overall leadership.  Unhappy employees on a companywide level, illustrate a potentially larger problem.  Safeco is most definitely an industry thought- leader and it appears that all employees, or most anyway, have a great attitude and are empowered to do their work well.  This matters significantly when dealing with a company on a regular basis because I will admit that it’s painfully obvious when leadership is off, and perhaps the overall direction of the company is misguided.  Whether it’s speaking with an underwriter, or claims adjustor, Safeco is a top-notch company.  How likely a person is to offer help when you need it, comes from the company culture, whether it’s been instilled in the foundation of the company doesn’t take much to realize.  From opening a claim, speaking to an adjustor, asking a billing question, to interacting with a company online, you want to know that the person on the other end cares about you and your problems and has not only the ability to solve your problem but the desire to put forth the effort to do so.  Again, Safeco is a company, where it seems that you tend to get what you pay for, and though they might not always be the cheapest in price, I have little doubt that they will be there for me when I and my customers need them.

  1. Ease of Doing Business

Ease of doing business is a hugely important thing to me, as a person who interacts with large corporations every single day.  If it’s hard for me to communicate with a company in any way, I can only imagine what it’s going to be like for my clients.  It’s very important that in every way, whether it’s calling to start a claim or dial through to a representative to ask a question, for communication to be seamless and smooth.  From the point of initial contact and signing up for insurance with a company to when you file a claim I believe that with some people, their overall experience will trump almost all else.  Safeco’s ease of doing business is comparable to all most of the companies we work with.  As I mentioned before, Safeco is a thought leader in the industry and as such, they are undergoing huge changes to improve their technology internally, making the overall customer experience the best it can be.   We look forward to being able to see those changes and continue to do work with Safeco in an even more efficient way.


  1. Pricing

I don’t value an insurance company on price alone, because we usually tend to get what we pay for.  Insurance, unfortunately has been treated as nothing more than a commodity by those inside the industry as well as outside, that in the eyes of most consumers it is a commodity. If consumers of insurance believe it is a commodity, then who are we to say otherwise? Except that we know differently, and must do a better job of illustrating these differences to everyone who uses insurance.  Safeco, is a solid company with an outstanding rating but like a lot of insurance companies in the Midwest, they’ve experienced financial losses due to catastrophic weather and have had to raise their rates in certain States.  One of the reasons why we exist as an independent agent is that we have the ability to see these changes coming, and to act accordingly. As an independent agent, it makes the pains of a rate increase a little less, since we can retain our clients even if they want to switch insurance companies. If for instance Safeco has taken a hit and are losing their share of the market in of a few of their territories, we’re not stuck with only one option for your insurance. I do believe the future looks very bright for Safeco and their ability to compete not only on outstanding products but on price as well.  Once again, we will soon see Safeco taking back parts of the market with competitive rates to go along with their superior customer service, claims handling and insurance products.

  1. Review/ Rating

To give you an idea of a company’s rating we’ll look at a few sources.  The first is JD Power who focuses on which products or services ranked highest in consumer studies. The second is AM Best, which is an insurance specific rating company who focuses on the financials of an insurance company and rates it based off their ability to meet ongoing financial obligations, credit ratings, and news.  According to the consumer study done by J.D Power, Safeco has achieved a slightly below customer satisfaction for their auto insurance program for the central region of the country:

With the average rating for the central region coming in at 827, Safeco has a slightly lower rating of 802.  The is compared to a 1000-point scale and represents only the top companies, keep in mind there are many, many more companies that operate in the central region.

For Safeco’s home insurance program, (on a 1000-point scale) have achieved a rating of 783. 

According to A.M Best, Safeco has a rating of A (Excellent), and their financial outlook is Stable.  To give an idea of the rating scale use by A.M Best, I have included this cart;

The overall look of Safeco insurance as a provider of home and auto insurance for the central region of the country, is a positive one.  I believe that they will continue to improve their technology to match their excellent products and great customer service.  Like many insurance companies, Safeco has experienced the highs and lows of the insurance market, in the Midwest especially and has seen a reduction in their market share in this region, but with the inevitable lows that every company will face, their will follow the inevitable high.  I believe Safeco will soon be at the top for customer satisfaction with J.D Power, which is largely affected by price of their product. 

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