Shop Around

CHOICE. The importance of identifying the right fit for you is always important. With many changes always occurring in the insurance industry, nothing ever stays the same with your rates or coverage types. It’s crucial to have more than just one option for your insurance needs, and using MJH as your broker allows you access to multiple insurance providers, meaning better odds to keep your prices down.

Customer Service

FOCUS. We are a smaller office, which means we have better communication among fewer people, and less chances for something to slip through the cracks. We don’t have large departments operating nationwide, we have one office. Everyone is a part of the same team, and that means growth is our #1 focus. The only way to achieve that growth is to perform which means communication, service to our clients, ease of doing business and just plain hard work.

Family Owned

LOYALTY. Operating in a family business means that we literally treat our employees as family. This is important because how an organization treats its employees, reflects how those employees treat their clients. This means going to bat for one another when help is needed, going beyond the call to take care of our clients, informing clients of potential faults in coverage rather than selling unnecessary policies to earn a quick dollar.

We’re Local

COMMUNITY. We are local, meaning we operate out of one office, centrally located to all our clients. We are involved in the local community, to ensure we are enriching the lives of those immediately around us. When you call MJH, you can rely on the fact that someone from the MJH Team is going to be assisting you with what you need. We don’t answer to just one company, we must answer to our policy holders.