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MJH Insurance started working with Auto-Owners in 2012, shortly after Auto-Owners started writing business in the state of Kansas. Being an independent agency who works with Auto-Owners Insurance in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado on a regular basis, we get to experience the way that this company handles claims, settles losses, talks to us and our clients, uses technology and many other factors.  I will attempt to breakdown the pros and cons of working with Auto-Owners to hopefully give the best advice about the type of company they are and how we interact with them and how they operate as a business for the states we write Auto-Owners insurance in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado.

  1. Attitude

I believe that the quality of leadership that makes up a company, is made transparent all the way down through every single employee of a company, including the janitor.  The attitude, work ethic, joy for work, productivity and efficiency is not something that can be faked, or if it can, for very long.   A company will experience highs and lows in terms of the price it can offer its insurance products at, due to the very nature of the industry.  After taking a huge hit financially from a particularly disastrous storm season, the company may be forced to raise its rates to help compensate for those losses.  Therefor I don’t see just price, when I see an insurance company, though I will say that it does speak to the company’s ability to properly underwrite a risk, as to how it prices itself in the competitive marketplace.  There are several factors for me, that go into the overall quality of an insurance company but leadership, is a top to bottom overall representation of how a company operates.   Auto-Owners workers are at the very top of the list of quality of employees, that I have ever met, spoken with over the phone or worked with in person.  I could give countless examples of how Auto-Owners is seemingly the best company when it comes to customer service, from the way their employees interact with us as the agents to how they interact with our customers.  I believe that the attitude of employees directly reflects leadership, and having never met the leadership team at Auto-Owners, I can only imagine the outstanding content of their character.

  1. Ease of Doing Business

There are many reasons why I have “ease of doing business” as one of my personal rating factors when trying to rank an insurance company, but primarily because, let’s face it, the times when we are dealing with insurance can either go one of two ways; miserable or satisfactorily.  When signing up with a company do they make it extremely difficult throughout the underwriting process?  Are there complications with billing? Do they make it difficult to process changes on your policy or a cancellation?  Do they have an available online account where I can view my policies?  The list could go on and on, but I believe that in 2017 and beyond, the customer experience will triumph over all else in the digital age of doing business.  The insurance industry is lagging far behind in many cases of companies ease of doing business with their clients, but Auto-Owners is not one of them.  Auto-Owners insurance has perhaps one of the friendliest and most flexible pay option of any insurance company I have seen, and we work with dozens… Once signed up a client can log in to their account to view their policies, access documents and pay their bills.  Things you wouldn’t think would be difficult in 2017 but some companies seem to be operating in DOS still (click the link, if like me, you are young enough to not know what DOS is..). Auto-Owners overall makes it extremely easy to do business with them, from the time of the issuance of a policy to the time of a claim, the ease of doing business with Auto-Owners is top notch.


  1. Pricing

Pricing for any insurance company can change from time to time due to losses they may experience.  Obviously, depending on which states an insurance carrier operates and the types of losses an insurance company faces will play a large factor in the overall pricing that a company can offer.  I am writing this review of Auto-Owners as of October 2017, after much of the country has experienced significant losses from wildfires to hurricanes.  In Montana, California and Texas, billions of dollars of losses have occurred, resulting in many companies not even writing new business in those states.  Auto-Owners has never written business in all three of those states, so as you can imagine their losses are far less significant (like none) in those regions of the country where insurance companies have taken big hits.  What does this mean for you as a consumer?  Expect to see continuous insurance companies increase their premium to help compensate for their losses.  I suspect Auto-Owners will be able to continue to beat their competition in terms of pricing because of their mitigated losses and increased profit margins, and continue to acquire market share in the states in which they operate, which include; Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennesee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin

  1. Review/ Rating

Auto-Owners insurance company has been voted as the best in Overall Customer Satisfaction for car insurance for the central region of the country, and fifth for Homeowners insurance in the same region.


Auto-Owners has also achieved the highest possible rating for an insurance company, as rated by A.M Best.  The rating of A++ means Auto-Owners has the highest rating for meeting ongoing insurance obligations.  The ratings from AM Best range from A++ down a D, are indicated in the chart below:

The overall outlook for Auto-Owners appears to be extremely high, and we here at MJH will continue to work with Auto-Owners and give them our business if they keep up doing the amazing job they have done thus far.  In my opinion they are setting the bar very high for other insurance companies in the market, and if other companies don’t right their own ship, they may find that it’s too late to catch up.  I would suggest looking at Auto-Owners as a long-term approach for your insurance needs.  They seem to have really found their identity as an insurance carrier and look to be on the up and up. 

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