Top 3 Reasons You Need Renters Insurance

  1. CYA…. Did you know you could be held responsible if you leave your apartment with your heater on and the place burns to the ground while you’re gone at work?  There could potentially be hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims with a lot of people pointing to you for the blame.  Do you have that much money lying around to fork over?
  2. Lot’s of bang for your buck.  With most renters insurance policies coming in at a whopping $150 annually, it almost doesn’t make sense to not have a policy.  When you consider the incredible amount of coverage you get it doesn’t make sense to risk not having it.  Most policies start at $15,000 worth of personal property coverage, and $100,000 worth of liability coverage in case you are responsible for that fire that burns the place down.
  3. Schedules items.  I was able to schedule my iphone and laptop on my renters policy and save hundreds by not inuring them from the apple store or Best Buy.  I refused to spend $10/ month on the store bought insurance for my phone, and rather insured it under my renters policy for $10 for the year, instead.

It’s great to be able to work with companies like; Travelers Insurance, Safeco Insurance, State Auto Insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance, and Allied Insurance and receive the best market price we can for things like renters insurance.

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  1. MJH goes out of their way to help you get the best insurance for your needs. They are friendly and family oriented. I highly recommend this insurance company to anyone!!

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