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Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up?

If you live in Kansas you more than likely just saw an increase in your car insurance. So, you stop to think about why a rate increase might have occurred and you think to yourself…. “hmm wait a minute, I’ve never filed a claim on my insurance, I couldn’t tell you the last time I […]

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earthquake in kansas, earthquake insurance coverage, is my home covered for earthquake

Is my home covered for an earthquake in Kansas?

No, the standard homeowner’s policy does not cover loss due to earth movement. Earth movement is defined as: Earthquake The land shock wave that occurs before, during or after a volcanic eruption Mine subsidence, subsidence or sink hole Earth sinking, rising or shrinking There would be coverage for a loss resulting from subsequent damage, which […]

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If I borrow my neighbors lawn mower, is it covered on my insurance policy?

Yes, it would be, if requested by the insured (the borrower of the mower).  The standard homeowner’s policy (HO-3) covers property of others while it is on the premises that the insured occupies. The standard homeowners policy is broken down like this: Coverage A – “Dwelling Replacement Amount.” The amount that the insurance company estimates […]

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car claim guide, car accident, how to start a car insurance claim

What do I do after getting into a wreck?

When an insured (you) suffers a loss, you must notify the insurance company.  Notifying the agent that first sold you the policy, is the same as the insurance company. When the insurer receives notification of the claim, it assigns the claim to adjuster who is responsible for settling the claim.  Questions that may be asked […]

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