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My neighbor’s tree came down on my car, will their insurance cover the loss or mine?

OK, so your neighbors tree just fell on your car, will their policy cover the damages to your car or will you have to call in this claim and have your policy settle it, even though you’re not at fault at all?

In this situation, the auto policy for the car would cover damage done to the vehicle.  If the owner of the car carries comprehensive coverage on the auto, it would cover the damage.  If we know that the damage done to the car was a result of the storm and not the neighbor cutting the tree down, then the owner of the house is not going to be liable for the damage to the car.


What if the owner of the car doesn’t have full coverage on his car?

More than likely, the owner of the car won’t be covered in that situation.  His neighbor is not at fault, because this circumstance was an act of nature, resulting in the damage.  Unless the homeowner is negligent for letting a dead tree remain on his property and not taking care of it, then he would not be responsible for the damage done.

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